Dear english speaking customers

Maybe it is the first time, you vist our webpage. Therefore I want to explain to you, what Synergi is. Synergi is a company that arranges courses and conferences in the Faroe Islands. Most of our courses are in Faroese and Danish. Every now and then we offer courses in English.

In addition to offering courses in different subjects, we can also help companies and associations to organize their next conference or event - here on our beautiful islands.

The whole process

We can take care of the whole process. Website, take registrations, book flights, hotel, contracts with lecturers, excursions and so on.

Are you planning an event, course or conference here in the Faroe Islands, we would be glad to help you and can assure you, that you will be in the want to help you and make sure that you get the very best experience.

Please contact us, if you have any questions. It might be cheaper than you think ;) 

You can contact the owners - Ása or Annika.


Ása Andreasen | asa@synergi.fo | +298 227464

Annika Andreasen | annika@synergi.fo | +298 222355